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Stress to Serenity Guide

Seven simple steps to help you embody greater peace and ease.


Can You (Really) Trust Your Gut?

Yes... sometimes. Listen in to learn how and when to rely on your intuition.


The ABCs of Embodied Transformation

Leverage your body's intelligence to create lasting learning & change.


body brain book

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Your Body is Your Brain

Today’s challenges require more than just clever new ideas. As Einstein pointed out, we actually need a different kind of thinking. We need leaders and everyday folks who truly embody a strong sense of interconnectedness; who have both the care and the skills to craft a life of meaning and act with responsibility to the whole.

Your Body is Your Brain shows you how.

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embright programs to help you embody your brilliance.

Be the Change Coaching

Leaders care about an issue, connect with others, and collaborate to bring a vision to life. Unfurl your leadership potential here.


Body = Brain Virtual Salon

Become a more confident + creative coach, therapist, yogi, or bodyworker. Join the premier program on the neuroscience of embodied learning.


Practitioner Mentoring

Build your skill in the art, science, and business of embodied, experiential coaching.


Talks + Workshops

Build emotional intelligence and develop leadership presence by leveraging the links between body, brain, and behavior.


• Are a coach, therapist, yoga teacher, bodyworker, or educator ready to radically expand your confidence, creativity, and effectiveness...
• Or a social change leader who longs to thrive while increasing your impact.


Learn To...

  • embody social + emotional intelligence
  • wield influence without authority
  • build resilience and adaptability
  • communicate more clearly
  • and much more...

What Clients Say

  • I’ve been in the business of assessing leaders for 20 years. And one of the first questions I always ask is who do you look to for your own development; who do you depend on to help shape you as a future leader? In my view, to really live in a place where your passion and your profession feel congruent, a coach with your experience is just fundamentally required.
    Board Chair, 1% for the Planet
    Adam Forest
  • Most leadership courses are very theoretical. Yours is not. It really makes it possible to practice good leadership skills in real time.
    Director of Stakeholder Mobilization

    Nike Sustainable Business and Innovation Team

    Sarah Severn
  • One of the best articulations of the change process I have ever seen, all supported by robust science. I have no doubt the things I learned from Amanda have made me a much more effective coach.
    Co-Founder, Coaches Rising
    Joel Monk
  • Your session was exactly what I was hoping for: you blew their minds and left them asking for more! The simplicity, elegance, and thought leadership were a vital contribution to our conference.
    Head of Consulting Services – US, Insights
    Diana Gore
  • One of the best and most creative, interactive, and thoughtful self- and team-building 2 days I have ever participated in.
    Director of Outdoor Education

    Georgetown University

    Russ Watts
  • I took Body = Brain three times. That is a testament to how valuable it is. It makes it so much easier for me to stand in front of a group of MBA students and make claims about why centering and mood are essential to leadership.
    Director, Coaching + Team Skills Program
    UCLA Anderson School of Management
    Sara Tucker
    Sara Tucker
  • I consider your course one of the best uses of my time, and one of my all-time favorites!
    Leadership Coach
    Rashmi Nair-Ripley
  • What I learned equipped me with practical tools for working with clients while being very healing and nourishing on a personal level. Highly practical, extremely fascinating, and well-designed, you’ve provided a clear path through the maze of information on the body and brain.
    Yoga Teacher, Philippines
    Binky Mendoza
  • I found your teaching quite engaging, inclusive, and motivational. That being said, I’m probably the most critical one in the room. So I’m not just giving you a flaccid high-five.
    Mischief Executive Officer, Clean Solar

    Fellow, American Leadership Forum

    Randy Zechman
  • I wish you weren’t my daughter, so you could be my coach.   :-)

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