Seven simple steps to increase peace and ease. Get one a day for 2 weeks.

A book + 3 videos to help you leverage the body for lasting learning & change.

Stress to Serenity Guide

The ABCs of
Embodied Transformation

Can You Really Trust Your Gut?

Yes... but not always. Learn how to listen for your intuitive intelligence.

The definitive list of top training recommendations.

Embody Social +
Emotional Intelligence

The Guide to
Becoming a Somatic Coach

The Neuroscience of Change

Listen in to learn how you can get smarter about what matters most.

Joel Monk of Coaches Rising interviews Mandy about learning + change.

Somatics, Neuroscience,
and Leadership

Leadership & the Neurobiology of Embodied Learning

Developing Somatic Intelligence

Leadership + Somatic Intelligence

Making the Links

Creating a Sustainable Future

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