The ABCs of
Embodied Transformation

Stress to Serenity Guide

Can You Really Trust Your Gut?

Seven simple steps to increase peace and ease. Get one a day for 2 weeks.

Yes... but not always. Learn how to listen for your intuitive intelligence.

A book + 3 videos to help you leverage the body for lasting learning & change.

Embody Social +
Emotional Intelligence

The Guide to
Becoming a Body-Wise Coach 

+ Wisdom Within

The Neuroscience of Change

The definitive list of top training recommendations. (small fee)

Joel Monk of Coaches Rising interviews Mandy about learning + change.

Listen in to learn how you can get smarter about what matters most.

White Papers

Somatics, Neuroscience,
and Leadership

Developing Somatic Intelligence

Leadership + Somatic Intelligence

Leadership & the Neurobiology of Embodied Learning

Creating a Sustainable Future

Making the Links