Be the Change Coaching

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Leaders are people who care about something enough to ask others to take action, and who have the skills to collaborate well & build a new future.  Unfurling your leadership potential is a process of self-cultivation in service of a larger goal...  (More)

Body = Brain Course

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Join other coaches, yoga teachers, therapists, and educators to explore the interrelated nature of body, brain and behavior.  Take a penetrating look at the emerging scientific story about who we are and how we learn, grow, & change...  (More)

Forthcoming Book

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You probably spent decades in school, but how much time have you spent learning to use your natural, body-based intelligence?  New brain research illustrates how accessing it can help you build social & emotional intelligence...  (More)

Change the world from the inside out.

purple igniter green waves 2Let’s face it: business-as-usual isn’t cutting it anymore. The evolution of commerce is to move beyond greed and exploitation, and towards a world that honors the web of all life by expressing our deepest values of service, love, and contribution while leaving a legacy for our children’s children.

But creating change is challenging.
You’ve gotta have vision.  Commitment.  Courage.  Endurance.  Flexibility.

And mobilizing communities and teams is challenging.
You need enthusiasm.  Clarity.  Empathy.  Patience.  Trust.

These leadership qualities can make or break your success.  They have a huge impact on your level of satisfaction.  And they are essential qualities for building the kinds of companies, movements, & organizations that the world needs now.

Accelerate the coming evolution.  Embody your leadership potential.  Find out how.

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