12 Thought Leaders Share Their Vision,

Wisdom & Techniques for Integrating Embodied Practices into Your Work

Wisdom Within: An Anthology of Embodied Practices 

PLUS... the Guide to Becoming a Somatic Coach 

The field of somatics and embodied learning is gaining momentum as more people embrace the power and value of experiential coaching modalities. 

Wisdom Within features a dozen pioneers in the field of embodied learning who share the methods, approaches and best practices they use in their own work. 

Curated by Amanda Blake who is known for her straightforward and accessible scientific approach to embodied learning, Wisdom Within will show you how to put embodied learning into immediate action. 

Coupled with Amanda’s Guide to Becoming a Somatic Coach, you’ll have all the tools you need to take your next step as a somatic coach, whether you’re brand-new to the field or have decades of experience.   

I don’t believe there’s anywhere else you can lay your hands on a resource with such a broad range of tools, from such a strong cohort of talented, thoughtful, and highly skilled practitioners. 

“I have no doubt the things I learned from Amanda have made me a much more effective coach.”

~ Joel Monk, Co-founder, Coaches Rising 

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Wisdom Within

Step into your most Noble, Shiny, Awesome self with Wendy Palmer

Experience FEBI, the premier Embodied Leadership assessment tool

Try out an uncommonly revealing somatic observation exercise with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Help clients step into an emerging future by re-sculpting the shape of an individual or a team, courtesy of the Social Presencing Theatre

Learn critical psychological red flags for coaches – and where and when to refer clients for additional support

Help clients experience deep-rooted support with the tree roots visualization

Immediately relax tension with the “simple twist of face” practice...

...and much, much more! 

Enjoy these practices for yourself or put them to use with your clients today. 

Includes these Pioneering Contributors

An Anthology of Embodied Practices

Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Chris L. Johnson, PsyD

Ginny Whitelaw

Jennifer Cohen

Gina LaRoche

Staci Haines

Arawana Hayashi

Doug Silsbee

Wendy Palmer

Suzanne Roberts

Comprehensive menu of somatic training options

How to identify and choose the ideal training program for you

Mandy’s personally curated booklist to guide your learning

Top quality coach training schools, including why they're the best and how they differ

Mandy’s recommendations for the very best business education programs for solo practitioners

Must-know facts and ‘insider secrets’ about somatic coaching

How to determine your personal learning needs

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The Guide to Becoming a Somatic Coach

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Normally $17 each   ($34 total)

Bundle and Save!

Just $27 for both.

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