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Embody Social + Emotional Intelligence

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You work hard to understand the hows and whys of personal growth. 

Right now there’s an explosion of research about the brain and body. But our knowledge of this vast field – not to mention our ability to put it to use – is scant at best.

Take practical steps toward better living & stronger leadership by turning new research into applied practice. Come learn how to build the emotional and social intelligence you (and your clients!) need to achieve greater satisfaction and success.

What You'll Learn

  • Explore how & why body, brain, and behavior are inextricably linked
  • Learn practical tools to cultivate emotional + social intelligence
  • Discover four straightforward, science-based principles for embodying EI and SI
  • Enhance your work with clients by expanding your skills and building your confidence

Amanda Blake is a Master Somatic Coach and author of the forthcoming book Your Body Is Your Brain. In addition to teaching about the science of embodiment, she works with progressive leaders to help them become their best self, enjoy life more, and make a greater contribution. She is a longtime yoga enthusiast, mountaineer, musician, and celebrator of life.